Ascend Kids Dropper Seatpost (70mm) Black 27.2mm x 310mm

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We've got the perfect dropper seatpost for little shredders. Let them experience the thrill of exploring the trails with the same level of control and comfort as you do. This dropper post from Brand-X is specifically designed for kids, with a 27.2" diameter and 70mm of travel, ensuring young riders get grown-up performance as they hone their skills. We love this seatpost because it drops under a lower weight load, which means your little ripper can get all the benefits from the dropper.

## **Brand-X Ascend Kids Dropper Seatpost (70mm)** This dropper seatpost is specifically designed for kids who want to feel the benefits of exploring the mountain bike (MTB) trails with a dropper keeping them comfortable and in control. It features a 27.2" diameter as well as 70mm of travel, so your little ripper can get the same performance as you would normally expect on an adult's bike. Brand-X has also designed this kid's specific model to drop under a lower weight load, so your young rider can enjoy the same benefits of a dropper seat, while out on the trail. Ideally suited for riders aged six to twelve years old, this seatpost will drop under a 20kg load and Brand-X suggests a max load of 40kg. It is internally cable routed and comes with a 1x shifter for left hand bar mount. This allows it to deliver the same reliability and peace of mind that comes as standard with all Brand-X dropper posts. Minimum insertion length is 80mm (including the actuator – this is 114mm of post). Total post length is 315mm.

  • Use: Kid's MTB
  • Diameter: 27.2"
  • Travel: 70mm
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Minimum Insertion Length: 80mm
  • Minimum Insertion Length Including Actuator: 114mm
  • Total Post Length: 315mm
  • Included: 1x shifter for left hand bar mount
  • Age Group: Ideal for riders aged 6-12
  • Max Load: 40kg

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