Enduro 6802 ABEC5 Hub Bearing Silver Option 1

Code: 104700854

This bearing is specifically designed for use with the Nukeproof Horizon and Neutron V2 range of wheels. It features a hard-wearing, high carbon chromium alloy race with graphic/nylon ball retainers. This makes it incredibly durable and more than capable of handling all the intensity that comes with shredding the mountain bike trails. This superb bearing sets the benchmark for high precision bearings.

The Nukeproof Enduro 6802 ABEC5 Hub Bearing is a direct replacement 6802 bearing for the Nukeproof Horizon and Neutron V2 range of wheels.This ABEC-5 line bearing is the revised LLU/LLB dual seal bearing.It features a Dual Seal that places a LLU full contact seal on the outside facing surface of the bearing, while the Inboard facing LLB medium contact seal offers less drag. Its specific seal increases the lifespan of the bearing and delivers reliable performance. High precision balls are within 5/1,000,000 round. These are military level specification, used for precision equipment. R-64 hardness, of the highest grade.This bearing will also fit many other hubs that use this size of bearing.This superb bearing sets the benchmark for high precision bearings.**Bearing Code:** 6802**Dimensions:** 15x24x5mm**ABEC:** 5 C3**Grade:** 10**Seals:** LLU/LLB**Grease:** Mobil XHP 222**Nukeproof Part Number:** NUKHORV2B6802**Estimated Weight:** 6.6gSee more at: [**Nukeproof**](http://nukeproof.com/)

  • Material: High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races with Graphite/Nylon Ball Retainers Bearing Code: 6802 /
  • 61802 Dimensions: 15x24x5mm ABEC: 5 Grade: 10 Seals: LLU/LLB Grease: Mobil XHP 222 Nukeproof
  • Part Number: NUKHORV2B6802 Approx Weight: 6.6g

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