Leatt Body Protector 5.5

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Leatt Body Protector 5.5

The ultimate protector in LEATT®’s Protection line. The BODY PROTECTOR features near 360° of plating and armor with the added benefits of a kidney belt and perfectly integrating with any Leatt-Brace®.

LEATT®’s patent pending BraceOn strap systems holds the neck brace to the body protector, yet allows them to move independently. Comfortable, free flowing mesh body holds the armor plates where they are needed most.

  • Designed to fit perfectly with any Leatt-Brace®
  • Shoulder and elbow guards meet CE safety approval EN 1621-1
  • Back protector meets CE safety approval EN 1621-2, Level 2
  • Front of protector meets the new CE safety approval EN 1621-3, Level 2
  • Uses high-tech SAS-TEC impact absorbing material in the front- and back protector
  • Fully articulating back protector plates are comfortable and allow a great range of movement
  • Cool, comfortable and breathable mesh body holds armor in place
  • Zip-off sleeves allows rider to remove lower arm/elbow guards
  • Removable kidney belt can be adjusted in height for individual fit
  • Worn under shirt
  • S/M size fits riders approx. 40-60kg (90-130lbS) and 160 to 172cm (5’ 3” to 5’ 7.5”) tall
  • L/XL size fits riders approx. 55-85kg (120-190lbS) and 172 to 184cm (5’ 7.5” to 6’) tall
  • XXL size fits riders approx. 80-110kg (180-240lbS) and 184 to 196cm (6’ to 6’ 5”) tall

  • Colour: White, Black
  • Clothing Size: L/XL, XXL, S/M
  • Gender: Male
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Option: 172-184cm, 184-196cm, 160-172cm

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