LifeLine Chain Wear Indicator

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LifeLine Chain Wear Indicator

LifeLine Chain Wear Indicator Tool

Good chain maintenance is essential to keep your gears running and changing smoothly, so as your chain stretches over time, it’s a good idea to check if yours has stretched too far. This easy to use LifeLine tool will clearly show when it’s time for a chain change on your bike, possibly preventing you encountering a snapped chain when you’re out for a ride.

How to Check for Bike Chain Wear

The industry standard for chain replacement is when the chain wear is between 0.75% and 1.0%. Simply place one end into a link on your chain and if the 0.75% side fits in your chain will soon need replacing, if the 1.0% side fits in it's time to replace it immediately.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Keep your gears running and changing smoothly.
  • See when you need to change your chain.
  • Prevent a snapped chain when your out.

  • Compatible with all chains
  • Easy to use
  • Peace of mind on long rides or competitions

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