LifeLine Hex Wrench Tool

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LifeLine Hex Wrench Tool

LifeLine Hex Wrench Tool

A workshop standard from LifeLine, their Hex Wrench Tool is a versatile and durable bit of kit, ideal for unfastening and installing a wide range of parts and components on your bike during repair, replacement or modification. Comfortable, convenient and durable, these tools carry out removals and installations with ease.

Versatile and Long-lasting Hex Tool

This hard-wearing tool is the ideal implement for getting to grips with any parts of your bike held on by six-sided head fasteners. The L-shaped design lets you make perfect use of either the hex end or ball end, with its long shaft offering great leverage to efficiently and safely loosen and tighten compatible screws during your repair or replacement job. Surrounded by a comfortable grip for painless grip during everyday use, the Hex Wrench Tool will help you carry out work on pedals, cranksets and freewheels in no time at all. This LifeLine essential is a handy and helpful addition to any mechanic's toolbox or rider's kitbag.

  • Offers additional leverage
  • Comfort grip
  • Ideal for pedal, cranks and freewheel removal
  • Hex and ball end
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Option: LifeLine, X-Tools

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    sku793862 Black 10mm LifeLine LifeLine £5.99 In stock
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