LifeLine Pro 18-In-1 Multi-Tool

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The LifeLine 18-In-1 Multi-Tool with CO2 Inflator is a versatile, essential piece of kit to keep you rolling. Stash it away in your saddlebag and be reassured that your on ride maintenance needs are taken care of.

## **LifeLine Pro 18-In-1 Multi-Tool** Have versatility at your fingertips with the 18-In-1 Multi-Tool with CO2 Inflator. The perfect all-rounder, this essential piece of kit keeps your ride stress-free and allows for an immediate fix should something go wrong. With maintenance taken care of, focus all of your energy on the path ahead.

  • Chain tool with retaining hooks
  • Press- on CO2 Inflator
  • 18 Essential cycle maintenance/ repair tools
  • Magnetic wrench retainer
  • Chain Tool with Retaining Hooks to secure the chain as you split or repair it
  • Press- on Co2 Inflator, compatible with presta and schrader valves
  • 2/4/5/6/8MM Hex Keys
  • Phillips and Flat head screwdrivers
  • Torx T25 and T30 Tools
  • 10MM Open Wrench
  • 3.23/ 3.33/ 3.45/ 3.96 Spoke Wrenches
  • Mavic® compatible Spoke Wrench

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