SPIKE 35 Vibrocore Handlebar (25mm Rise):Black/Black:25 Degrees

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Created for extreme downhill (DH) trails, the Spank SPIKE 35 Vibrocore Handlebar (25mm Rise) provides the strength and control to dominate any terrain. It has an advanced tapered internal construction plus Spank's vibration dampening inner foam.

## **Spank Spike 35 Vibrocore™ Riser Bars** The Oozy 760 LTD Vibrocore Riser Bar is a big and burly DH and Freeride bar that’s stiffer, stronger and much more impact absorbing than conventional 35mm alloy bars. These qualities are thanks to the revolutionary Vibrocore™ injected proprietary foam, which dampens the impact of trail feedback and impacts. This reduces arm fatigue and hand numbness so you can just concentrate on finding the perfect line and making the perfect landing! ### **Technologies:** - **Vibrocore™ Technology:** Alloys have a very high density, and in turn transmit vibrational energy very effectively. Vibrocore is a complex, low density material which fills the core of the handlebar, reducing the frequency, amplitude, and duration of energy waves. Where competitors have been forced to design unwanted flexibility into their bars, Spank‘s Vibrocore system also acts to reinforce the handlebar from the inside, resulting in a more responsive performance and improved sensitivity. The result is a handlebar that feels incredibly strong and rigid and acts to reduce impulse and vibrational fatigue. Read the latest review: [**MBUK Review**](https://www.dropbox.com/s/su0t0ofrqo85zzz/MBUK_Mar21_Review_Spank%20SPIKE%2035%20Vibrocore%20%28Test%20Winner%29.pdf?dl=0)

  • Material: Zirconium Doped 7-Series Alloy
  • Finish: Shotpeen-anodized
  • Width: 820mm
  • Rise: 25°
  • Geometry: 5° Upsweep/8° Backsweep
  • Key Technologies: Vibrocore™, Dual XGT, CNC Bending, MGR, Big-Taper (105mm) design
  • Adjustable to 760mm (cut guides at ends of bar)
  • Vibrocore Impulse & Vibration Dampening Core
  • Impact ends
  • Use: Downhill and Freeride
  • Weight: 300g

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