Spank 350 Mountain Bike Rim

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Spank 350 Mountain Bike Rim

Spank 350 Mountain Bike Rim

This sturdy and durable rim has been designed to tackle rough MTB (mountain bike) and Enduro trails. It features a wide profile for incredible lightweight when zipping around the corners and offers a solid, hard-wearing construction that is ready for whatever challenge you meet on the trail. 

Lightweight and Adaptable Tubeless Ready Rim

A brilliant tubeless ready rim that can cope with a variety of riding styles and under-wheel conditions, the Spank 350 Mountain Bike Rim is built to be ridden hard. Featuring a 30.5mm inner width, tyres from 2.0"-2.6" and + sized tyres can be fitted to it, making it suitable for whatever type of ride you want to undertake. Being a wider rim, it doesn't suffer from the additional weight that many larger rims have, keeping it light for ultimate speed on the descent and for making your climbs that little bit easier. The width also combines with the low sectional profile height to give radial compliance and top-notch lateral stiffness, giving you precise control and confidence as you fight to the finish line.


  • Bead Bite: At an incredible range of pressures, Bead Bite is the solution to keeping your tires burp free and fixed in place. Bead Bite rim technology enhances tubeless use with tires of all types and with a greater range of air pressures. Bead Bite rims have 6 rows of tiny ridges that run along with the vertical and horizontal faces of the bead seats. These tiny teeth create air seals between the rim and tire as the bead conforms into them under air pressure. They dramatically increase frictional forces on the tire bead, reducing the beads' ability to move vertically or horizontally (thus improving tire stability and reducing burps). The bead literally becomes trapped between the vertical and horizontal ridges, even at very low air pressures. Even in tubed applications, Bead Bite rims tend to allow much lower air pressures with reduced risk of pinch flats.
  • Oohbah: The unique OohBah profile allows Spank to manufacture thinner walled, wider profiled, lighter rims without sacrificing strength or rigidity. Wider rims mean stiffer wheels and more tire spread, leading to greater traction and improved comfort, and tire performance. The "wave" shape of the OohBah inner tube adds strength and support to the vertical rim flange walls and prevent buckling. Normal straight or curved tube wells must be much thicker, and by default heavier, to offer the same support.

  • Material: Top-Performance Alloy
  • Inner Width: 30.5mm
  • Outer Width: 35mm
  • Hole Count: 32
  • Valve: F/V Presta
  • Tubeless: Tubeless Ready
  • Technologies: Radial Compliance, BeadBite, OohBah Inverted Inner Wall
  • Weight: 27.5": 465g (approx); 29." 495g (approx)

  • Colour: Black, Black - Blue, Black - Green, Black - Red
  • Size: 32 Holes
  • Wheel Size: 27.5" (650b), 29"
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    sku611876 Black 29" 32 Holes Spank £89.99 In stock £89.99
    sku646433 Black - Blue 27.5" (650b) 32 Holes Spank £85.00 Out of Stock £85.00
    sku646434 Black - Blue 29" 32 Holes Spank £85.00 In stock £85.00
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    sku646436 Black - Green 29" 32 Holes Spank £85.00 Out of Stock £85.00
    sku646437 Black - Red 27.5" (650b) 32 Holes Spank £85.00 In stock £85.00
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    sku709292 Black - White 29" 28 Holes Spank £89.99 In stock £89.99
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