Spank Spike 800 Race Riser Bar

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Spank Spike 800 Race Riser Bar

Spank Spike 800 Race Riser Bars

Offering World Cup quality performance at a price that won't break the bank, the Spank Spike 800 Race Riser Bars are now in their 6th generation. Spank developed this riser bar along with some of the world’s top DH (downhill) and Enduro professionals and utilised a unique combination of Super-6™ aluminium, Spank’s patented CNC bending, and their Dual-Extreme-Gradual Taper (XGT) technology.

Performance Optimised Race Bar

The result of this collaboration and advanced construction has resulted in a handlebar that is stronger, safer and performance optimised. The Spank Spike 800 Race has an ideal geometry for control and low weight, making it perfect for aggressive All Mountain, Enduro or Downhill Racing.


Dual XGT (Extreme Gradual Taper) Technology: This is a proprietary tube drawing process that tapers the bars from the thickest area at the bar clamping zone, slowly and gradually through the bend zones, to the thinnest areas at the control zones and back to thicker reinforced bar end zones, or “Impact Ends”. Spank has utilized FEA (Finite Element Analysis), laboratory, and rigorous real-world testing to optimise the spread of material to where it is needed to withstand the specific forces at work in each zone while offering better protection against crashes than ever before! The extreme precision enabled by Dual XGT drawing processes also eliminates the need for heavy hand grinding, which can result in imperfections and inconsistency in wall thickness.

Impact Ends: The Impact Ends reduce the chance of collapse in areas where the wall is thinner and in heavy impacts. These can also be used to support bar ends in the relevant disciplines

CNC Bending: The precision of 3D CNC Bending in a single fixture allows Spank to optimise their designs further and to eliminate the heavy grinding process, making their bars lighter, stronger, and safer! Spank has also taken extra work hardening steps to ensure the stem clamping area of the bar is uniformly cylindrical and true, and as tough as possible

Super-6 Aluminium: This is a specially blended, highly magnesium-silicon enriched, work-hardened alloy. Super-6 offers the perfect mix of hardness, yield, fatigue life, and a superior ultimate tensile strength to standard 6 series alloys. It is ideal for the creation of thin-walled, super-stiff handlebars. Through recent adoption of Super-6 materials, Spank’s Spike, Subrosa, and Oozy handlebars are now stronger and show greater resistance to deformation than ever before!

  • Material: Super Six MGR Aluminium with CNC bending
  • Finish: Shotpeen anodised, decal logos
  • Dual XGT taper technology with impact ends
  • Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Upsweep: 4°
  • Backsweep: 8°
  • Length: 800mm (can be cut to 740mm)
  • Usage: Enduro, Freeride
  • Weight: From 300g (15mm rise version)

  • Colour: Blue, Toxic Wasabi Green, Red, Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Width: 800mm
  • Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Handlebar Rise: 30mm, 50mm, 15mm
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    sku573011 Toxic Wasabi Green 800mm 31.8mm 50mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku583603 Toxic Wasabi Green 800mm 31.8mm 30mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku589654 Black 800mm 31.8mm 15mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku589655 Red 800mm 31.8mm 15mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku589656 Blue 800mm 31.8mm 15mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku589657 Toxic Wasabi Green 800mm 31.8mm 15mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku589658 Black 800mm 31.8mm 30mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku589659 Red 800mm 31.8mm 30mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku589660 Blue 800mm 31.8mm 30mm Spank £70.00 In stock
    sku589661 Black 800mm 31.8mm 50mm Spank £70.00 In stock
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