Verdict Wet 2.5 TCS Tough High Grip TT Tyre:Black:2.5":29"

Code: 102675934

The Verdict family presents our most aggressive front-focused tires for days where relentless traction takes priority over rolling efficiency.Tall, chunky knobs dig deep into soft terrain regardless of how loose or sloppy it may be.Abundant open space between all knobs gives them room to dig through the driest days of summer and fling mud in the wettest months.The Verdict family is guilty of holding it down through off-camber corners and chundery descents. **Verdict or Verdict Wet?**Verdict is the do-it-all spike designed to handle loose, technical trails. Its toothy knobs dig into soft terrain and grapple through rocks and roots.Verdict Wet provides taller knobs that punch through muddy terrain to provide dependable traction in unpredictable and greasy conditions.Dry and dusty during the loose summer months in California, Colorado or Italy? Go with the Verdict.Wet and sloppy like an average spring ride in the Pacific Northwest or UK? Go with the Verdict Wet.Abundant open space between all knobs allows the tread pattern to dig through the driest days of summer and fling mud in the wettest months.Pair it with the Judge 2.4 as a rear tire for claw-like braking traction that matches the tenacious grip of the Verdict tread.Optimized for use with i29 rims. **Usage:** Enduro / Gravity**Conditions:** Loose / Wet / Mud**Level:** TCS Tough/High Grip**Weight:** 27.5": 1266g, 29": 1332g**Compound:** TriTecSee more at: [**WTB**](

  • Compound: TriTec rubber compound Casing: TCS Light/High Grip Conditions: Loose / Wet Use: All
  • Mountain, Enduro Tubeless-Ready: Yes Protection: Slash Guard nylon insert

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