WTB Thickslick Comp Bike Tyre

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WTB Thickslick Comp Tyre Black 700c 23c Wire Bead

WTB Thickslick Comp Tyre

WTB created its Thickslick Comp model to offer exactly all the main performance points that you're looking for in your ideal urban tyre. It's tough, brings you unrivalled levels of protection from punctures and lots of grip. This is thanks to the strong double-layered rubber, burly casing and slick tread. One additional stand-out point is that not only does the extra rubber prevent punctures, it also absorbs any vibrations from damaged or rough surfaces.

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  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Bead Type: Folding
  • Casing: Single-ply - Durable
  • Compound: WTB DNA compound
  • Usage: Urban, Recreation, Utility
  • Conditions: Road
  • Tubeless Compatible: No


  • Puncture Protection:  The thicker a tyre, the harder it is for glass, pins, staples, and other urban unpleasantries to worm their way in.
  • 2X the Rubber: Twice the rubber tread equates to twice the lifespan of a tyre. This means your price is 50% off the competition.
  • Smoother Ride Quality: Twice the rubber makes for a smoother ride through the natural absorption qualities of rubber.

  • Colour: White, Black
  • Size: Wire Bead
  • Wheel Size: 700c, 27.5" (650b), 26", 29"
  • Width: 25c, 1.95", 23c, 2.0", 28c, 2.1"
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    sku552833 Black 26" 2.0" Wire Bead WTB £23.99 In stock
    sku552837 Black 27.5" (650b) 1.95" Wire Bead WTB £23.99 Out of Stock
    sku552840 Black 29" 2.1" Wire Bead WTB £23.99 In stock
    sku554351 White 700c 25c Wire Bead WTB £23.99 In stock
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