WTB Vigilante TCS Tough High Grip MTB Tyre

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WTB Vigilante TCS Tough High Grip Tyre

WTB Vigilante TCS Tough High Grip Tyre

Born from the need to race in European enduro events, the Vigilante is our premier aggressive All Mountain tyre, and first choice for Team WTB’s Mark Weir.

The square-lugged open-tread pattern offers stability in loose or wet terrain, while the stiff outside knobs grip at lean angles like nobody’s business. With Dual DNA (TCS), this is the tyre to ride when you are giving it your all.

Our TCS™ (Tubeless Compatible System) technology is the solution for riders seeking high performance, lightweight and durable mountain bike wheel systems that are easy to install, fun to ride and simple to service. TCS tyres are the first sealant tubeless tyres to receive Mavic UST® certification, which means a proven fit between sealant tubeless tyre and rim. Say goodbye to air compressors, tyre levers and pinch flats. Say hello to your full riding potential.

Take our proven Lightweight Casing found in TCS Light tyres and… well… double it. Yep, Enduro Casing is composed of two full layers of casing, leaving no area unprotected on our TCS Tough tyres. Developed through real world testing during the Enduro World Series, this casing is designed to take punishment and has been optimized for sealant usage, retention, and consistency.

  • Usage: XC / Trail/All Mountain
  • Conditions: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Loam
  • Level: TCS Tough (high grip)
  • Compound: Gravity DNA
  • Casing: Enduro
  • Bead: TCS
  • Weight: 1120g (26"), 1140g (27.5")

  • Colour: Black
  • Size: Folding Bead
  • Wheel Size: 29", 27.5" (650b)
  • Width: 2.3"
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