Y-RD102 Derailleur Pulley Kit Black One Size

Code: 109405941

Specifically designed for mountain bike (MTB) trail riding, the microSHIFT Y-RD102 Derailleur Pulley Kit contains replacement pulley wheels for your microSHIFT M26, M36 or M46 rear derailleur.

Whether you're replacing old or worn-out parts on your microSHIFT M26, M36 and M46 rear mech or simply wanting replacement pulley wheels to keep as a backup, these are ideal for breathing new life back into your rear derailleur. This kit includes two replacement pulley wheels, making it a perfect choice for getting your rear mech performing exactly as it should as you hit the trails on your next mountain bike ride.

  • Use: Mountain Bike (MTB)
  • Type: Pulley Kit
  • Compatibility: microSHIFT M26, M36 and M46 rear derailleurs

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