Y-RD201 Rear Derailleur Barrel Adjuster Kit Black One Size

Code: 109405953

The microSHIFT Y-RD201 Rear Derailleur Barrel Adjuster Kit is ideal for adjusting the gear cable on your microSHIFT rear derailleur, allowing for fine-tuning to make your index system work precisely.

This cable barrel adjuster kit is specifically designed for use with microSHIFT rear derailleurs. Easy to use, it allows you to make precise fine-tune your rear mech adjustment. Simply turn the barrel adjuster either counter-clockwise or clockwise in half-turn increments until shifting hesitation is fixed. This is a genuine microSHIFT spare part.

  • Type: Rear Derailleur Barrel Adjuster Kit
  • Compatibility: microSHIFT rear derailleurs
  • Genuine microSHIFT spare parts

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