Atlas Air Brace Fire 2020

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A new dawn for mountain biking is here, and its time to jump aboard. Certain to guarantee confidence whether you shred aggressively or simply take in the sights, Atlas Air Brace Fire has everything you need and more to deliver protection of the highest quality. From berms to kickers it offers durable upper body protection and its impressive lightweight design ensures it fits under your favourite MTB jersey with ease.Get Some AirWhen kicking up roost and nailing whips in order to feel absolutely dialled it is imperative that you sport premium protection. Taking inspiration from the all-new 7000 series aluminium release system, Atlas latest model is extremely sturdy and has been crafted to revolutionise the way we shred morning, noon and night. It offers longevity through its completely redesigned wireless tether and the dual chest and back contact points help riders fend off bumps and bruises caused by unforgiving terrain. Working with your body as you work your way to that dreaded huck, the Atlas Air utilises a split-frame ultra flexible polymer construction that moves with the body to improve mobility.ProtectionTo reduce secondary injuries when speeding downhill, the Atlas Air offers a dual chest and back support that cradles the spine and sternum. Helping to slow impacts, the 30mm chest suspension allows for you to freely move your head as you pilot your way across troublesome terrain and roost. Promoting tuck and roll movement in case you suffer any unexpected falls, the padded contact over the shoulder allows for the brace to sit on 27% more body surface area.With its custom fit and unrivalled protection, the Atlas Air Brace really is safety personified. Suspension - 30mm of chest suspension promotes controlled head movementSpine and Sternum free - Dual chest and back supports sit around the spine and sternum, in an effort to reduce the chance of secondary injuriesSurface Area - Dual chest and back contact points, along with large, padded contact over the shoulder allow each Atlas Brace to sit on 27% more surface area of your body than the competition, all in a smaller and lighter overall packageHeight Adjustment - 2 height options allow for a custom fit and range of motionSize Adjustment - Smart Mounts allow for 2 possible size settings, and 3 different angle choices to suit a variety of body typesWeightless - Minimal design allows for ultra-low weight of 580g (1.3 lbs)See more at: Atlas Brace

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