Bookman Curve Rear Light

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Bookman Curve Rear Light

The Curve Rear Light from Bookman is the ideal urban bike for inner-city errands and daily commuting. Plus, it provides 37-lumens output at max power and up to 32-hours battery power on 'Pulse' mode. Rechargeable high power bike light with a brightness of up 37 lumens and a run-time of up to 32 hours. Easy attach and detach from the handlebar with the elastic silicone band.

The battery indicator and 'on' button are situated on top which also doubles as the clasp. Press and hold for 0.7 seconds to turn the light on or off. One single click switches between the five modes available. On the brightest steady light setting, the light produces 37 lumens for two and a half hours. In the power saving and flashing modes, the light can last up to lengthy 32 hours. It takes only two hours to charge from flat to full via a convenient USB charging cable, which is included.

The light is equipped with three LED’s, one super bright to make the cyclists visible from far and two bright LED’s for comfortable side vision. This ensures that the cyclist can be spotted from far away and it also gives visibility to travellers at a 180-degree angle. The completely weather resistant light (IP-44) will show you the way through rain, hail or snow. Fits tube diameters from 22 to 42 mm.

Modes, Brightness (Lumens), Runtime (Hours) 
Steady 100%, 37, 2.5 hours 
Flashing 100%, 37, 12 hours 
Eco Mode Steady, 15, 6.5 hours 
Eco Mode Flashing, 15, 32 hours 
Pulse, 37, 10 hours

Curve Light comes in a front (sold separately) and rear version. The rear sits horizontally on the seatpost the front version vertically on the handlebar.

  • LED: 1 x 1W Cree LED, 2 x 0.1W LED
  • Battery: 650 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Measurements: Height: 57 mm; Width: 30 mm; Depth: 35 mm excl. strap Protrudes 28 mm from the handlebar
  • Weight: 46g

  • Colour: White, Black, Orange, Green, Beige, Blue
  • Size: Fits 22 - 42mm
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