Gaerne Carbon Sincro+ MTB SPD Shoes

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Gaerne Carbon Sincro+ MTB SPD Shoes

Gaerne Carbon Sincro+ MTB SPD Shoes

Gaerne's Carbon Sincro+ MTB SPD Shoes are a speed-focused XC mountain bike shoe providing incredible power transfer and stability as you push out the watts. 

Making use of a DUAL FCS Fitting Closure System with high-performance BOA IP-1 reels, the Carbon Sincro+ MTB SPD Shoes offer an incredibly comfortable and snug fit without pressure points or hot spots. A simple twist of the dials tightens or loosens the shoes, making a customisable fit possible, even on the fly so you can adjust for different conditions. The 4 guides per reel spread pressure evenly across the whole foot, providing a stable pedalling platform for smooth power transfer as you dive into singletrack and crank up the power on climbs. 

Inside the shoes, you'll find a perforated EPS Comfort Insole, supporting the foot comfortably and allowing all over air circulation. The TSS (Tarsal Support System) keeps the foot perfectly placed when you're pedalling, letting you pedal smoothly and powerfully. To support the foot further, the rear of the shoe gets an injection-moulded heel cup, inside a non-slip surface prevents heel lift while the anti-tendonitis shape ensures long-ride comfort.

EPS Light Weight Carbon Fiber MTB Sole

Designed specifically for the demands of racing and high-speed mountain biking, the EPS Light Weight Carbon Fiber MTB Sole provides stability, stiffness, strength and traction all the while keeping weight to the very minimum. The carbon fibre construction provides unrivalled power transfer while the expertise of Michelin has been used to design a tread which gives maximum traction and durability. The tread pattern features widely spaced lugs to allow mud to clear quickly so clipping in and out isn't compromised and traction is always available. For steep and muddy courses additional traction can be gained by using screw in studs, making the shoe ideal for both cyclocross and mountain biking. 

  • DUAL FCS Fitting Closure System
  • BOA IP-1 micro-adjustable reels
  • Vented tongue
  • Injection-moulded heel cup
  • TSS technology (Tarsal Support System) inner moulding
  • EPS Light Weight Carbon Fiber MTB Sole with Michelin rubber tread
  • Open tread pattern for mud clearing
  • Stiffness 10/12
  • Weight 345 grams (1/2 pair size 43)

  • Colour: Black, Forest Green
  • Shoe Size: EU 44, EU 45, EU 42, EU 42.5, EU 43, EU 41, EU 39, EU 46, EU 40
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Group: Adult
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