Gloworm USB-C Power Cable (G2.0)

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Gloworm USB-C Power Cable (G2.0)

Gloworm USB-C Power Cable (G2.0)

The Gloworm USB-C Power Cable (G2.0) features Gloworm's EasyRelease connectors for fast and convenient connecting throughout use.

The USB-C Power Cable is unique to Gloworm. Featuring ‘EasyRelease’ Connectors, the Power Cable makes Gloworm Lights more efficient, less cumbersome and extremely versatile. The light system when connected is fully waterproof and robust, however, care must be taken when removing the USB-C cable in wet conditions. Moisture will not damage the port or the cable, but the electronics will not operate until connectors/ports are dry.

Please Note: Ensure the cable ends are kept as dry as possible and free of debris. If a connector does get wet, usually a quick shake or shot of compressed air will dry it sufficiently. Ensure the connector o-ring is in place before connecting the cable to the light or power pack.

  • Connection Type: EasyRelease
  • USB Type: USB-C
  • Compatible with Gloworm G2.0 Lights

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