Hornit Kids Helmet 2022

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Hornit Kids Helmet 2022

Get your kids excited to go ride and stay safe at the same time, with the super-cool Hornit Kids Helmet. Fun, bright, wacky or stealthy, they're stylish as well as protective, including a built-in LED, making them something they'll want to wear.

A great fitting helmet is essential for optimal protection, one that's snug with a well-aligned fit while being comfortable and secure. This is why the Hornit Kids Helmet features a fully adjustable ring adjuster, securing young riders' helmets in place every time they ride. With a simple rotation of the rear dial, it's super-easy to both tighten and loosen, achieving the perfect level of comfort and a firm fit. 

Then there's the 3-way adjustable chin strap and secure buckle, both ensuring their helmet remains in place over any terrain and as they tackle any obstacle in their path. Inside, the removable soft foam provides added size adjustment, offering further flexibility for size and fit during growing years. 

As they pick up the pace and gain confidence, eleven air vents keep air flowing to the head, keeping them cool and comfortable. There's also a rear safety light built-in, catching the attention of other road users. Made from durable, weather-proof plastic, Hornit helmets protect your kids as they brave the rain, snow, and wind.

From the youngest of balance-bikers taking their first adventures on two-wheels to older kids getting ever more confident in their riding, the Hornit Kids helmet ensures they're safe and sound whenever or whoever they go. 

  • Removable soft foam to accommodate growth
  • 3-way adjustable chin strap and secure buckle
  • Fully adjustable ring adjuster
  • Integrated LED light - Slow flash, fast flash and constant flash
  • Light powered by replaceable 2 x AG3 coin batteries
  • 11 air vents aids cooling
  • Suitable for ages 3 years+
  • EN1078 and CPSC tested
  • Size (Head circumference) - S - 48-53cm (weight 340g) / M- 54-58cm (weight 370g)

Order Details
    Image Product Code X Name X Brand
    Price X Stock RRP X QTY
    sku863541 Sloth M Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863542 Spider S Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863543 Spider M Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863544 Unicorn S Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863545 Unicorn M Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863546 Wayfarer S Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863547 Wayfarer M Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863548 Black S Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863549 Black M Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863550 Flamingo S Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863551 Flamingo M Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863552 Ice Creams S Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863553 Ice Creams M Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863554 Llama S Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863555 Llama M Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863556 Military S Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863557 Military M Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863558 PolkaDot S Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863559 PolkaDot M Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863560 Pug S Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863561 Pug M Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863562 Shark M Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863563 Sloth S Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
    sku863565 Aviator M Hornit £34.99 In stock £34.99
    sku863566 Shark S Hornit £34.99 Out of Stock £34.99
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