Leatt MTB Gravity 8.0 Helmet 2022

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Leatt MTB Gravity 8.0 Helmet

Packed with safety features, including 360 ° Turbine Technology, the Leatt MTB Gravity 8.0 Helmet achieves the highest standards of protection, letting you can ride the toughest of with confidence.

If you're seeking out the steepest, most technical downhill trails, whipping over the biggest gaps and drops and generally pushing your mountain bike riding faster and further, a crash is just a part of the game. And when it does all go wrong, the MTB Gravity 8.0 Helmet is here to make sure your head is safely covered. Dust yourself down. Keep riding.

Safe to its Core

When it comes to head and brain protection, the 8.0 uses a combination of technologies to soak up and dissipate impact forces. Firstly, 4 different densities of impact-absorbing foam are utilised within the core. Each is deployed to specific areas of the helmet, tuned to the specific requirements of the type of most common impact. Whether a slow speed fall or high-speed slam, the core provides outstanding head protection.

The visor also delivers extra safety, breaking away in a crash to reduce rotational forces on the head. We then come to the innovative 360-degree Turbine Technology.

360 ° Turbine Technology Inside

The 360 ° Turbine Technology is focused on reducing the damaging effects of a crash on your brain. It works via 360 °moving discs, all made from an energy-absorbing material. These impart a reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to 40%. The system also improves the absorption of impact energy - it reduces peak brain acceleration by up to 30% at the impact speeds associated with concussion.

Cool and Comfortable

With safety more than covered, you'll also be pleased to find Leatt haven't compromised on ventilation. Large entry and exhaust vents channel air through the inside, pulling in the fresh air and expelling warm, damp air. At both slow and fast speeds, airflow is optimised.

Also adding to your comfort is the moisture-wicking liner. As you work up a sweat, this draws moisture off your skin so you don't feel drenched at the end of a session. It's anti-odour too, leaving you smelling fresh on the uplift and being a washable liner, you can always get that new helmet feel.

  • Pro-Fit TM modulating comfort liner
  • Impact-absorbing foam in 4 densities for ultimate reduction of forces to head and brain
  • 360-degree Turbine Technology
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable, anti-odour and washable liner fabric
  • Optimal neck brace compatibility
  • Maximized ventilation effective even at very low speeds
  • Emergency cheek pad removal
  • Hydration ready (with optional hands-free kit)
  • Certified and tested: EN1078, Motorcycle ECE 22.05
  • Weight: From 1120g (+/-50g)

  • Colour: Black
  • Clothing Size: L, XL, S, M
  • Gender: Male
  • Age Group: Adult
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