LifeLine Essential Rim Tape - 2 Pack

Code: prod155552

Lifeline's Essential Rim Tape is compatible with a wide range of rim sizes and provides an effective barrier between your spoke nipple heads and your inner tube. Flexible and durable, it is very easy to install.Protects inner tube against punctures from sharp spoke nipple headsFlexible and durable

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    RRP X Price X Stock QTY
    sku568247 Black - Blue 700c 16mm LifeLine £1.50 £1.50 In stock
    sku568248 Black - Blue 700c 18mm LifeLine £1.50 £1.50 In stock
    sku568249 Black - Blue 26" 16mm LifeLine £1.50 £1.50 In stock
    sku568250 Black - Blue 26" 18mm LifeLine £1.50 £1.50 In stock

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