LifeLine ORI 1700Lumen Power Bank Front Light

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A long-lasting and reliable front bike light for the daily and distance rider, this powerful lamp by LifeLine uses a three-LED setup to keep you illuminated and seen from as many angles as possible.The central LED has a maximum 1000-lumen output while the two side LEDs feature 350 lumens each.The full combined power emits a brilliant 1700-lumen brightness with a 1 hour and 40-minute burn time.Versatile, Practical and Powerful Front Bike LightThe side lights can be operated separately from the front light, using a button on the top of the unit, with the battery-level indicator situated nearby.The trio of LEDs also have a range of functions to suit the riding conditions and levels of visibility. With an integrated USB power bank letting you charge your cycle computer or mobile phone on the move, this is a versatile light to stay visible on every ride.Light Modes:Central Beam Functions - Full Beam (1000 lumens), Medium (500 lumens), Low (200 Lumens) and StrobeSide Beam Functions - Full Beam (700 lumens), Medium (350 lumens) and Flashing (200 lumens)Battery Level Indicator: 4 LEDs illuminated (+90% battery power remaining), 3 LEDs (70-90%), 2 LEDs (40-70%), 1 LED (10-40%), 1 LED Flashing (-10%)Charge Time: 5 HoursBurn Times: 1700 Lumens (1hr 40 mins), 850 Lumens (3hrs 20 mins), 400 Lumens (flashing) (7 hrs)Charging: Included USB Micro USB Charging Cable and PlugMounting: 31.8mm alloy handlebar mount (includes rubber shim for smaller diameter bars)Weight: 263g (including mount)

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