LifeLine Pavo 2400 Lumen Motion Front Light

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LifeLine Pavo 2400 Lumen Motion Front Light

LifeLine Pavo 2400 Lumen Motion Front Light

Made to keep you safe and seen on the trails and on the road, this motion-controlled light is an innovative, life-preserving addition to the front of your bike. Equipped with a 2000-lumen maximum output and several modes to suit your riding conditions, your low-light and daylight visibility stays at an all-time high. A set of seven Cree LEDs works hard to light up every obstacle to ensure you ride with confidence on the darkest runs.

Bright and Bold, 2000-Lumen Bike Light

Whether in Constant Mode or Motion Control Mode, this Pavo model gives an excellent illumination performance. The strength of the Constant Mode can easily be tamed from 100% at 2000 lumens to 10% at 250 lumens, with selections in between, letting you set your brightness to suit your route. The Motion Control Mode uses the integrated gyroscope to sense your movement and adapt the beam and power output accordingly and efficiently.

Ideal for year-round use on your daily commute or for trekking through the woods, this high-power light is a versatile option for the regular rider.

  • Material: Full CNC anodised 6061 aluminium
  • Beam Modes:
  • Constant Mode: High - 100% / 2000 lumens, Medium: 50% / 1000 lumens, Low - 25% / 500 lumens, Saving Mode - 10% / 250 lumens
  • Motion Control Mode: Mode 1 MC - 2400 lumens/ 1200 lumens, Mode 2 MC = 1200 lumens / 600 lumens, Mode 3 MC = 600 lumens / 300 lumens
  • Burn Times:
  • 1Hr 50mins (2000 lumens)
  • 3Hrs 30 mins (1000 lumens)
  • 6Hrs 30 mins (500 Lumens)
  • 12Hrs (250 Lumens)
  • 16Hrs+ (Flashing)
  • 7 LEDs US Cree XP-G S4
  • 5 Hour Charge time from empty
  • Samsung Li-Ion battery 8700mA
  • Automatic temperature control
  • 31.8mm alloy handlebar mount (includes rubber shim for smaller diameter bars)
  • Smart Charger for UK Mains
  • Weight: 300g (including mount)

Please Note: LifeLine are in the process of a rolling change on the mounts and changing the mount to a 31.8mm/ 35mm multi compatible mount that does not include the rubber shim.

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