LifeLine Pavo 900 Lumen Motion Front Light

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Whether tackling the trails or pounding the pavement, this powerful and reliable front bike light by LifeLine works easily and efficiently to keep you safe and seen on every outing.With 900 lumens at its disposal, this Pavo model features a range of modes, as well as the intuitive Motion Control system which uses an integrated gyroscope to sense the movements of your bike and adapt the beam-strength accordingly.Bright and Bold, 900-Lumen Bike LightThe precision of the US Cree XM-L2 LED and its lens pattern provides a wide field of vision when riding in the dark, making you well-aware of any obstacles in your path that may be hidden in lower light conditions.The Motion Control system keeps the light running with maximum efficiency, cutting the light output in half when you stop riding. Perfect for commuting and other stop-start rides, this LifeLine light is an innovative addition to your front-ends.Constant Mode:High - 100% / 720 lumensMedium - 50% / 360 lumensLow - 20% / 200 lumensSaving Mode - 13.8% / 100 lumensMotion Control Mode:Mode 1 MC - 900 lumens/ 450lumensMode 2 MC = 450 lumens / 225 lumensMode 3 MC = 225 lumens / 112.5 lumensUS Cree XM-L2 LED6 Hour Charge time from emptySamsung Li-Ion battery 2900mA31.8mm alloy handlebar mount (includes rubber shim for smaller diameter bars)Smart Charger for UK MainsBurn Times:1Hr 50mins (720 lumens)3Hrs 30 mins (360 lumens)6Hrs 30 mins (200 Lumens)12Hrs (100 Lumens)Weight: 145g (including mount)

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