LifeLine Rocker Plate

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The Lifeline Rocker Plate adds an extra level of realism to your indoor training. Mount your trainer to the plate and begin your session. The 13-degree side to side rock simulates the balance of road riding.Compatible with most market-leading trainers including and not exclusive to:Lifeline TT-01 TT-02, Tacx Neo, Tacx Flux, Tacx Booster, Tacx Satori, Wahoo Kickr, Wahoo Snap, Xplova Noza S, Elite Crono Fluid, Elite Turbo Muin, Elite Qubo Digital.Mount your trainer and riser block to the rocker plate and secure down with the velcro straps provided.The Lifeline Rocker Plate provides up to 13 degrees of rocking range and adds an additional sense of reality to your indoor riding. The rocker plate requires the rider to maintain balance on the bike. It recreates the natural side to side movement youd get whilst out on the roads. When you put the power down, rock with the bike and build your core strength. Indoor training doesnt have to be static.An added benefit of the Rocker Plate is that it relieves some of the stress on the bike frame that is associated with long term static training.162.5cm length90cm at its widest point28.5cm at its narrowest10cm heightPlywood board with natural rubber sheetIncluded in the box:Ply Rocker Plate upper and lower x 1Rubber damping block — 5M10 countersunk screws — 10Velcro straps — 5Inflatable balance balls x 3Mini pump + needle — 1Spirit level x 1

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