LifeLine Speed & Cadence - Bluetooth 4.0 & ANT+

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The Lifeline Speed Cadence Sensor is Bluetooth 4.0 and Ant+ compatible. Keep a track of your Speed and RPM (revolutions per minute) and accurately record your performance. Installation is quick and easy.Simply mount the speed sensor to the center of the rear wheel hub and the cadence sensor to the inside of the crank arm.Wirelessly connect to devices such as your GPS computer, Iphone/ Android smartphone and record your speed and cadence data. Installation instructions are included in the images and a printout is included with the product.Operating range: 2-60mph/ 18-220 RPMCR2032 batteries fitted (1 in each)Size: 28mm diameter.Weight: Each sensor weighs approximately 10g (inclusive of mount and elastic band)Battery life: approximately 12 months based on 1 hour everyday use

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