Electrifying NS Range with the E-Fine

NS Bikes are stoked to show this beauty to all of you. They were struck by lightning, and a new electrified model grew from that bolt of energy. NS BIkes named it E-Fine, following the grain of our Define models with their gravity geo that’s poised to party or race all day long.

NS Bikes E-Fine 1 

This full-powered branch didn’t sprout simply because every other bike company now has an electric arm. Over the years  they have tested a lot of ebikes without finding one that truly stole their team’s heart. It took them a while to figure out what kind of ebike they wanted. NS Bikes ask themselves what truly makes an e-bike great? If they put the motor aside for a moment, it all comes down to the geometry and suspension, and these are the main points that they focused on.  
With a hydroformed aluminum frame that tidies cables under the downtube just like their other bikes, this mixed-wheel machine keeps maintenance times to a minimum. At NS we appreciate options as much as you do, and their E-Fine 1 bikes will come with a 170mm fork and a 160mm rear axle path, powered by the tried and trusted Shimano EP8 motor and the brand’s long-lasting 630 Wh battery. On the second step of our electric podium, the E-Fine 2 model offers a 160mm fork followed by 150mm of rear-wheel travel that’s propelled by a Shimano E7000 unit and matching 504 Wh battery.

NS E-Fine 1 is equipped with Shimano EP8 motor and 630Wh internal battery 

They know precisely how an NS bike should feel on the trail and have worked hard to maintain those high expectations with this latest electrified offering. The E-Fine’s added heft and power require a nuanced suspension tune to give the pilot maximum comfort in the trickiest trail situations. Both of these long-travel sleds were carefully designed to provide the support and comfort that riders have come to expect from NS Bikes, leaving the E-Fine every bit as fun to shred as their purely muscle-powered models.

Countless hours were spent testing and perfecting each angle of the E-Fine frame, culminating in a geometry they are proud to share with customers. E-Fine 1 frames are cut in three sizes to fit as many riders as possible, with a small stretching its reach to 425mm, 450mm for a medium, and 480mm on the size large bike. The head tube angle leans back to a cool 63.8° for the steepest descents, while the 75.2° effective seat tube angle provides a nice perch to climb back up for more. Out back, a set of 455mm chainstays balance the frame and provide a stable platform for speed.

NS E-Fine 1 details 

One branch down on the family tree, reach measurements for the slightly shorter travel E-Fine 2 are 430, 456, and 484mm respectively. The bike’s head tube is a touch steeper to suit its all-arounder intentions at 64.1°, and the seat tube also leans forward a skosh to 75.6°. The 27.5” rear tire is flanked by the same 455mm chainstays on either side.

NS E-Fine 2 battery cover and Shimano E7000 motor

Bottom brackets on the E-Fine 1 and 2 drop the rider’s weight just where they want it, with a 345mm height on the 160mm frame and 343mm between the BB and the dirt for the 150mm sled. NS Bikes went with 160mm crank arms on all sizes of the Efine 1, and 165mm cranks on the E-Fine 2 to minimize pedal strikes while keeping the pilot’s pounds as low as possible.  
NS Bikes made sure to hang all of the electric-ready components off these two builds, preparing them for long adventures and low maintenance. A RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select keeps the rear wheel running smoothly on the E-Fine 1, led by a Zeb Charger R 29 fork under the handlebar. The bike’s burly stature is slowed by a set of Magura MT7 brakes and 203mm rotors, and that power grips the ground with a pair of Maxxis Assegai tires in their Double Down casing and Max Grip tread. Moving forward, each of E-Fine 1 drivetrain bits come from the reliable Shimano Deore 12-speed line, selected for maximum durability. 

NS E-Fine 1 runs powerful Magura MT 7 brakes and Shimano Deore drivetrain

To save a few pennies while maintaining a quality build spec, E-Fine 2 shifts with Shimano’s Deore 11-speed drivetrain and slows down via a set of Deore 4-piston brakes. An X-Fusion HC3 coil takes care of rear-end impacts and RockShox 35 Gold RL fork manages the mayhem up front.

NS E-Fine 2 1x11 Shimano Deore drivetrain and 4 piston brakes

Check detailed specifications of E-Fine 1 HERE, and E-Fine 2 HERE.

A size medium E-Fine 1 tips the scale at 24.5 Kg while the E-Fine 2 weighs 25 Kg in the same size. Both models will be available in April with retail pricing set at (€ 7599) for the E-Fine 1 and (€6299) for the E-Fine 2


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