NS Bikes Hold Fast Unlocked MTB Handlebar Grips

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NS Bikes Hold Fast Unlocked Grips Blue Black

NS Bikes Hold Fast Unlocked Grips

Engineered for the most demanding of dirt jumping conditions, these high-quality grips offer a durable and dependable hold as you race across unpredictable terrains. These feature a super-soft rubber compound, which makes them comfortable and easy to hold onto as you tackle all the challenges associated with off-road adventures. Whether you're cruising along the flat or getting some air on the dirt track, these versatile grips are developed for maximum strength and reliability on every ride.

Sailors would tattoo the term “hold fast” on their fingers in hope that it would prevent their hands from slipping on lines, especially when working aloft in foul weather. NS Bikes believe its grips have the same magical powers and will help you ride out any storm that you may encounter. The ‘unlocked’ version of our popular grips will be the perfect choice for dirt jumping, street and pumptrack bikes. The combination of the super soft compound and the honeycomb pattern provides loads of grips in dry and wet conditions. The extra width allows you to move your hands around and the hard plastic bar ends are very durable and prevent the grips from premature aging and fraying at the ends. The Hold Fast Unlocked grips are reasonably thin and feel great with or without gloves.

  • Material: Super-soft Rubber compound
  • Use: Dirt Jumping, Street and Pumptrack
  • Length: 160mm or 151mm without flange (can be cut down to 142 or 135mm)
  • Diameter: 31mm diameter / medium to slim
  • Mini Flange Diameter: 38mm
  • Bar Ends: Push-in NS bar ends, reinforced with Steel insert
  • Weight: 105g (+25g NS bar-ends)
  • Colour: Lemon Lime, Red Black, Black, Blue Black


  • MTB freestyle grips from NS
  • Super-soft compound with honeycomb pattern gives load of grip
  • Single compound push-in style
  • Super long, can be cut down
  • Mini flange, can be easily removed along the cutting lines
  • Reasonably thin, feel great with or without gloves
  • Nylon push-in bar end, reinforced with steel insert, NS-Bikes logo
  • NS-Bikes anchor keyring

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