Nukeproof Horizon CO2 Style Tubeless Repair Kit

Code: prod202229

Nukeproof Horizon CO2 Style Tubeless Repair Kit

Based on a 16g size CO2 cartridge but instead of having CO2 inside, this tubeless repair kit houses 5x 1.5mm plugs and 5x 3.5mm plugs for repairing holes and punctures in tubeless tyres. Weighing in at only 38g, it's incredibly lightweight and easy to carry or pack away in your backpack for your rides. It features a tool capsule that doubles up as a handle for the plug insertion tool. On the inside of the threaded section there is a valve core remover hidden away. On the opposite end, the hole has been designed to loosen stuck Presta valve nuts, which can be tricky to open if there is old sealant in the valve.

The plugs are super tacky, so they do not require you to use additional glue. Spare plugs are available here.

  • Plug insertion tool
  • 5x 1.5mm plugs
  • 5x 3.5mm plugs
  • Tool Dimensions: 91x22mm
  • Weight: 38g including spare plugs
  • Colour: Red, Copper, Blue, Grey, Red, Black

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