Nukeproof Mega 275-290 Chainstay Protector

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Nukeproof Mega 275-290 Chainstay Protector Black

Nukeproof Mega 275/290 Chainstay Protector

For top-grade defence against bumps, scratches and dents on your framework, Nukeproof's Mega 275/290 Chainstay Protector will ensure your chainstays stay clean and nick free on every ride.

High Quality and Protective Chainstay Covers

Designed for Mega Alloy and Carbon 275 and 290 models, these original Nukeproof covers offer great protection from their durable moulded silicone construction. Attaching to your chainstays via the 3M adhesive backing, the Mega 275/290 Chainstay Protector is the ideal barrier against bangs, dings and dirt.

  • Material: Moulded Silicone with 3M adhesive backing
  • Compatibility: Current Nukeproof Mega Alloy and Carbon 275 and 290 models
  • Colour: Black

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