Nukeproof Neutron Bottom Headset Cup

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Precision-engineered to the most exacting of tolerances to deliver optimum performance and long life in harsh riding conditions.The latest 2015 generation of Warhead MTB headsets have been revised, improved and expanded for optimum fit, sealing and performance as well as compatibility with a wide range of fork and frame standards.Featuring sealed angular contact bearings, split alloy crown races and upper and lower bearing cups CNC-machined from proprietary aluminium, the Warhead headset offers the optimum balance of light weight, strength and durability for performance across all riding disciplines.

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    RRP X Price X Stock QTY
    sku446541 Black 1.1-8" EX34-30 - B1 Nukeproof £22.49 £22.49 In stock
    sku446545 Black 1.1-8" EX44-30 - B4 Nukeproof £22.49 £22.49 In stock
    sku446546 Black 1.5" EX44-40 - B5 Nukeproof £22.49 £22.49 In stock
    sku446547 Black 1.1-8" ZS49-30 - B6 Nukeproof £22.49 £22.49 In stock
    sku446548 Black 1.5" EX49-40 - B7 Nukeproof £22.49 £22.49 In stock
    sku446549 Black 1.5" ZS56-40 - B8 Nukeproof £22.49 £22.49 In stock

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