Nukeproof Super Light Steel Spring (2.5”–3”)

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The Nukeproof SLS spring has gone through a unique heat treatment process to alter the chemical composition of the metals. Our unique process changes the Silicium/Chromium/Steel Alloy mix to produce a super hard, yet lightweight metal that will withstand the highest demands inflicted through MTB.To prevent shock rub, the spring is bi-convex in shape. This will allow the spring to progress freely without any friction when under load.Up to 40% lighter than a steel spring, this hardened Super-light steel (SLS) spring has been designed to fit most rear shocks on the market by using Nukeproofs unique Reducers and Spacers.


Hardened Super Light Steel (SLS)Bi-convex in shapeFits most rear shocks on the marketIncludes reducers and spacers200 550lb rangeFree Length: 150mm

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    sku535484 Black 2.5-3" 200 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535485 Black 2.5-3" 250 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535486 Black 2.5-3" 275 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535487 Black 2.5-3" 300 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535488 Black 2.5-3" 325 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535489 Black 2.5-3" 350 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535490 Black 2.5-3" 375 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535491 Black 2.5-3" 400 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535492 Black 2.5-3" 425 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock
    sku535493 Black 2.5-3" 450 lbs Nukeproof £70.00 £70.00 In stock

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