Nukeproof Thru Axle Rear 12mm

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Nukeproof Thru Axle Rear 12mm

This 12mm thru-axle is designed as a direct replacement for riders who want a durable and dependable upgrade for their old standard thru-axle on their mountain bike (MTB). It's equipped with a high-quality 7075 aluminium build, which makes it not only lightweight but also very strong and durable on your mountain bike adventures. This makes it a great choice of upgrade for riders who need to replace a damaged or lost stock axle from their frame.

The axle has a washer which helps to reduce pressure on the frame dropouts and transfers some of the tightening torque to the clamping load. This also helps to increase stiffness and prevent the axle from getting stuck when you want to remove it.

Nukeproof have created a printable guide that you can use to measure your old axle against and check the exact dimensions to ensure you are selecting the correct axle. It can be downloaded here

All axles are a 6mm hex on the non-drive side and have a backup hex on the drive-side allowing the axle to be tightened and loosened from either side of the bike.

Always apply a small amount of grease to the axle and threads when installing your axle.

  • Material: AL7075 Aluminium
  • CNC Precision engineered
  • Hollow for weight saving
  • Non-driveside 6mm Hex head with a backup driveside Hex for easy fitting & removal

  • Colour: Black - White, Black
  • Size: 174mm Axle 16mm Thread, 180mm Axle 20mm Thread, 180mm Axle 13mm Thread, 164mm Axle 13mm Thread, 181mm Axle 20mm Thread, 174mm Axle 20mm Thread, 175mm Axle 12mm Thread, 170mm Axle 13mm Thread
  • Option: P 1.0, P 1.75, P 1.5
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