Nukeproof Tubeless MTB Rim Tape (10m)

Code: prod186931

This durable and dependable Nukeproof tubeless tape has been tested by its in-house team and athletes to ensure a firm and effective seal. Made to meet the demands of downhill and enduro racing, it does a sterling job in keeping your tubes protected as you take on the most daring descents and trails.One 10-metre roll will be enough tape to cater for 4x 29 wheels. One layer with a 4 overlap is all that is required to tape your wheel for tubeless setup.Instructions for Use:Remove any old tape and sealant residueEnsure rim is clean and dryStart opposite the valve hole and maintain tension as you apply tapeWork air bubbles out as you tape the wheel (Push them out via the spoke holes)Apply one layer of tape with a 4" overlapEnsure all air bubbles have been removed and tape is fully stuck right out to the edges of the rimPierce a small hole and insert your valveSuitability: Downhill, EnduroSee more at: Nukeproof

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    sku732269 Yellow 35mm Nukeproof £13.99 In stock
    sku732270 Yellow 30mm Nukeproof £13.99 In stock
    sku732271 Yellow 27mm Nukeproof £13.99 In stock
    sku732272 Yellow 33mm Nukeproof £13.99 In stock
    sku732273 Yellow 25mm Nukeproof £13.99 In stock
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