Spank SPOON Flat Mountain Bike Pedal Axle Kit

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Spank Spoon Pedal Axle Kit

Spank Spoon Pedal Axle Kit

This Spank pedal axle kit has everything you need to get your Spank Spoon pedals running smooth and wobble free again. The rigors of mountain biking can be hard on your pedals, especially due to the occasional rock strike and stresses of landing jumps and drops, this axle kit will bring them back to life.Genuine Spank industries product

  • Compatible with Spank Spoon models 2015 onwards
  • 2x Cap and O-rings
  • 2x Locknut
  • 2x Sealed Bearings
  • 2x 10mm IGUS Bushings
  • 2x Green Friction Seals
  • 2x 0.5mm Stainless Washers
  • 2x Spoon Axles
  • Option: 100/110 Axle Kit, 90 Pedal Axle Kit

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    sku581353 90 Pedal Axle Kit Spank £37.00 In stock
    sku581354 100-110 Axle Kit Spank £37.00 In stock
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