WTB Vigilante TCS High Tyre (TriTec-SG2)

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WTB Vigilante TCS High Tyre (TriTec-SG2)

WTB Vigilante TCS High Grip Tyre (TriTec/SG2)

Featuring a TriTec compound, this mountain bike (MTB) tyre uses its three compounds to ensure an excellent balance of traction, support and durability as you charge from trail to trail. Whether you're racing or shredding your local trails for fun, this model's SG2 puncture protection defends all surfaces of the tyre by providing an uninterrupted layer of protection from bead to bead. This makes it ideal for handling dirt, loose, rocky and wet riding conditions. Another highlight is its Tubeless Compatible System (TCS), which allows you to take advantage of tubeless compatibility and run lower tyre pressures. This results in lower rolling perfect, increased grip on rough terrains and fewer changes of flats or punctures.

Race-Ready MTB Tyre with TCS Tubeless Technology

Aggressive, premier, and unwavering…those were all words we used to describe the original, highly esteemed Vigilante 2.3 and they still ring true for all these widths of the updated Vigilante tread. Square-lugged knobs still deliver unwavering traction, yet with added height to ensure they dig even deeper into loose, unpredictable terrain. Increased circumferential spacing allows the tread to remain clear through wet conditions, while still keeping the casing protected from spiteful rocks.

  • Compound: TriTec
  • Level: TCS Light/High Grip SG2
  • Puncture Protection: SG2
  • Use: Trail, Enduro
  • TPI 60tpi
  • Bead: Tubeless Folding
  • Type: Clincher
  • Single or Pair: Single
  • Conditions: Dirt, Loose, Rocky and Wet


  • TriTec Compound: Three compounds provide optimal levels of traction, support and durability. A base of high durometer rubber supports the entire tread and transitions into the knobs to prevent folding or squirming. Medium stiffness center knobs cap the base layer to provide traction and durability without sacrificing rolling efficiency, while soft compound side knobs deliver maximum grip and slow rebound for increased cornering traction.
  • TCS Light/High Grip: Glue-like conforming rubber wrapped onto a gram-conscious casing designed to be compliant while still trail-worthy. Who says High Grip needs to be heavy?
  • SG2: SG2 defends all surfaces of a tyre by providing an uninterrupted layer of puncture protection from bead to bead.
  • Tubeless Compatible System (TCS): TCS is WTB's standardised tubeless rim/tyre system designed to meet international ETRTO standards and provide the most reliable tubeless system available. Pairing WTB’s legendary casings and tread compounds with a Tubeless Folding bead delivers the increased traction and reliability of a tubeless tyre at a lower weight than any tubed alternative.

Manufacturer's Part Numbers:

  • W010-0922 Black 29" 2.5"
  • W010-0930 Black 29" 2.6"
  • W010-0927 Black 27.5" 2.6"
  • W010-0917 Black 27.5" 2.5"

  • Colour: Black
  • Wheel Size: 27.5" (650b)
  • Width: 2.5"
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