Nukeproof Launches 2021 Scout

Fashion’s and trends come and go, often going full circle, returning under the guise of “retro” or “vintage”. The hardtail mountain bike never really went “out of fashion”, just skulked into the shadows, until the time was right to re-emerge.  


For many (not all), the hardtail fell victim to rapid evolution of our young hobby/ sport/ life and was cast aside to make way for full suspension magic carpet rocket ships, bikes that allowed riders to shred harder, faster and give you a little life vest when seas got a little rough. The hardtail was almost just painted with the “good entry point bike” brush. Whilst this is still true in some regards and we love a good full suspension bike, there has been a resurgence in recent years of a new breed of hardtail is amazing to witness. Their simple clean lines have been seducing riders with their charms as well as the promise of a return to minimal, raw, no fuss riding with extra-large side helping of wildness. To attract these riders a select few hardtail’s underwent a mini makeover. Beefing up in all the right places, picking exotic top shelf components and gorging on the same “long, low & slack” geometry diet and that their full suspension brethren’s have been enjoying.   


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The result of this remodelling is that this evolution of hardtails is much more usable and have a much wider bandwidth to operate within. They excel at everything from an everything from XC hacks, laps of the trails to shredding technical enduro/ downhill runs, this new generation are a versatile and capable lot. The Nukeproof Scout has long been part of this new romantic cohort of frames, since its origins in 2014, the Scout has been building a dedicated following made up from devoted Hardtail shredder, N+1 winter bikers through to riders just curious about Scoutin’ About.  


For 2021 the Nukeproof Scout returns with its proven Hydroformed 6061 Triple-Butted Aluminium frame. Featuring a 65º head angle (66.6º when sagged), 1191mm (Large Scout 275) wheelbase and 435mm chainstays making the Scout a little corner ripping punk, excelling when pointed down trail or sending of a lip. All bikes come fitted with “trail appropriate” tyres and there is plenty of clearance for the wet dust out back (2.6” in 275 and 2.5” width in 290).  

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