Speed Pedelecs are fantastic vehicles for commuting or leisure, but retailers and customers must be aware of the legalities surrounding their usage.  This fact sheet gives a quick introduction to what constitutes a S-Pedelec, and what is needed to ride them legally in the UK.


Definition of a Speed Pedelec

  • A pedal bicycle with motor assistance up to 45km/h
  • Motor power exceeds 250W
  • Officially categorised as a moped in the UK

Requirements to ride in the UK

  • Driving license
  • Vehicle registration and number plate
  • Vehicle tax
  • Insurance
  • Helmet certified for use on Mopeds
  • MOT after three years

Driving license specifics

  • Driving test passed prior to Feb 1st 2001 = qualified to ride a Speed Pedelec
  • Driving test passed after 2001 = Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) required prior to riding a Speed Pedelec
  • CBT test will take one day, and cost around £150.  CBT certificate is valid for 2 years
  • L’ plates required after CBT test until full motorbike test taken
  • Full Motorcycle test required to be taken and passed in 2 years, or a fresh CBT required

Vehicle registration, tax and insurance

  • Speed Pedelecs are considered Mopeds in the UK and are subject to the same laws as a moped or motorbike
  • License plates are required
  • Mirrors come with the bike and should be fitted
  • Forms required are V267 (new vehicle import), V55/4 (Application for a licence for a new motor vehicle and declaration for registration), and certificate of conformity
  • V267 and V55/4 are from the DVLA. Certificate of conformity will be with the bike: this is required to complete the V267 and V55/4 form
  • Fill in and send V267 and V55/4, along with the Certificate of Conformity to DVLA to register the bike. Cost is £55
  • Receive V5c form: vehicle is now registered
  • Vehicle is tax exempt due to zero emissions
  • Get a standard number plate: cost is around £10
  • Arrange insurance: this will range from around £130 for third party, to £200 for fully comprehensive
  • MOT is required after 3 years


  • Speed Pedelecs cannot be ridden on cycle paths or cycle lanes
  • Moped/Motorbike helmet required as per UK Motorcycle helmet rules
    (EU pedelec certified helmets are not currently compliant)

While it seems a lengthy checklist for those who don’t already hold a relevant license, it is worth the time investment to access the countryside, city or open your commute to the possibilities of (speedy) two wheels. If you have any more questions we can help with, please contact info@hotlines-uk.com


Please note, this is meant as a helpful starter guide only. Laws and recommendations change and you should always visit the DVLA website to check current requirements before using a S-pedelec. 

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