Nukeproof Launches 2021 Mega

The Nukeproof Mega; 2017, 2018 (x2) & 2019 World Enduro Champion under the control of Sam Hill and Elliott Heap (u21 World Champion 2018), a top 10 at Downhill World Championships and a 4x Wold Championship Silver Medal make for an impressive C.V. These titles, along with a host of national titles, race wins, media awards and accolades make any changes to this design a difficult act to follow.

As a thoroughbred, the Nukeproof Mega has been subject to constant evolution as it is tweaked again and again in search for those marginal gains for ultimate performance. However, after several years of this process, the ultimate performance of the V3 Mega platform was starting to be reach it’s limitations. In order to go to the next level and implement some new theory, a fresh start was needed, please welcome the all new Mk. 4 Nukeproof Mega.

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