Brand Announcement - USWE

We are pleased to announce that USWE is joining the Hotlines portfolio!

 For those unfamiliar with the brand, USWE (pronounced you-swii) make bounce free action backpacks. If you’ve ever ridden off-road or run anywhere with a poorly fitting backpack, you’ll know it’s going to start jumping up and swinging around in no time. Having developed and tested their design since 2007, USWE claim to have tamed the dancing monkey on your back.

No Dancing Monkey ™

So confident in their unique design this is the name they’ve given to the patented suspension harness technology that gives their backpacks the edge over the competition. The elastic 4-point straps allow you to snug the pack really tight, without it affecting breathing capacity of freedom to move.

NDM™ harness benefits.

  • 100% Bounce Free
  • Patented & Award Winning Technology
  • Super stretch that supports your breathing capacity
  • Allows you the freedom to move
  • Multi size function
  • Best looking design [some bragging]


 Product Highlights

The design works so well it’s suitable for lightweight trail-running packs, right up to fully loaded big adventure packs. In 2021 USWE will expand it’s product range with bigger backpacks (>30L) for mountain bikes, running, skiing and mountaineering.


Vertical 4

Superlight and almost invisible on your back. The Outlander 2 weighs only 309g and is designed for those looking to travel light with up to 1.5L of hydration. Need to carry a few extra tools? Check out the Outlander 3 with its detachable organiser pocket.
RRP £99.99
[Vertical 4 product page]


Patriot 15

This pack gives you the confidence to charge hard with it’s CE-certified SAS-TEC central back protector (SC-1/CB52) made of flexible viscoelastic foam with memory effect that returns to its original shape after impact or deformation. Add lots of organiser pockets for tools and gear attachment points to stow your helmet or armour and you’ve got a pack perfect for hitting the bike parks.
RRP £139.99
{Patriot 15 product page]


Zulo 2/6

Okay, so it’s not all 4-point harnesses and lots of cargo space. Sometimes you want to get out for a quick ride and a hip pack is all you need. Available with 2 or 6 litres of cargo storage and a 1L or 1.5L hydration bladder, the Zulo s is the perfect option for some post-work hot laps on the local trails.
RRP £69.99 - £99.99
[Zulo 2 product page}


Dealer Opportunities

Keep your eyes pealed for more products appearing on the B2B as we get ready to receive our first delivery in June. USWE will be available to all dealers however, additional margin benefits are on offer to those interested in becoming stockists so speak to your account manager today.

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