Presenting the new Define AL 170 from NS Bikes

The AL 170 brings slack geometry, 170mm rear/ 180mm front suspension travel, and “Mullet” (29” front/ 27.5” rear) wheels to the outstanding Define AL range. Using the blueprint of the proven Define Carbon frame, the Define AL series includes 130, 150 160 travel models which are constructed from “send-proof” hydroformed aluminium. The Define AL 170 feels most at home on full-on bike-park descents and steep, technical terrain. However, the combination of a 27.5” rear wheel and short chainstays keep it playful, agile and pedallable. 

A 64º head angle and 76º effective seat tube angle ensure the Define AL 170 performs in both climbing and descending.  Its 490mm reach, 846mm front-center, and 1,284mm wheelbase (size large), combined with its 438mm chainstay length and 44mm fork offset, carefully balance comfort, fun, manoeuvrability, and stability.


A Horst-Link-based suspension design provides great pedalling efficiency thanks to its considerable anti-squat and a progressive leverage curve with ample mid-stroke support. A consistent anti-rise throughout the travel means the suspension remains active and the geometry balanced while braking.


The Define AL 170 has some innovative finer features, such as integrated cable routing, which hides in a recess down the length of the downtube, and noise-reducing, replaceable chainstay and downtube-protection. The geometry of the AL 170 can be fine-tuned to your preference. A shock hardware flip-chip changes the bottom bracket height by +/- 5mm, the head tube angle by +/- 5º, and the reach by +/- 4mm.


“With the Define AL 170, nowhere is off-limits”

“I’ve been testing & riding the Define 170 for a while now and I really have fallen in love with it. Riding it through the fast & rough is so confidence inspiring - it feels extremely stable, planted and well balanced. I find myself being able to change direction really quickly and it puts a huge smile on my face whiles doing so. I feel like if I were only allowed one bike, it would be this one, it just does it all unbelievably well. It’s the ultimate machine" - Joe Breeden, NS Bikes UR Team


The Define AL 170 is available in three sizes (small, medium, large) and two build kits.

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