Kids today have it so good.

Kids today have it so good. They’ve got lightweight mountain bikes with high-end tires, fine-tuned suspension, and modern geometry. There’s only thing they’re missing: a real drivetrain.

That’s where we come in.

Real Mountain Bike Drivetrain for 20" Wheels

microSHIFT started with the DNA of our ADVENT mountain bike group. Then we made every part smaller and easier to use. Lighter shifting, shorter reach, and more ground clearance, all with the same great chain retention, metal construction, and wide range.

The shift levers sit closer to the handlebar, and the lever throw per shift is 43% shorter than the competition.  No shifter is more dialed for small hands.

Most derailleurs don’t fit 20? wheels, and the ones that do aren’t meant for real mountain biking. 

Super Short has the same clutch and metal construction as our standard ADVENT and Acolyte groups, so the groms can ride as hard as they want without the chain falling off.


  1. 100mm cage length is a full 50mm shorter than standard ADVENT or Acolyte, resulting in unparalleled ground clearance.
  2. 20% lower clutch force and custom return spring leverage curve make shifting effort easy without sacrificing chain security.
  3. Reinforced rivets and beefy metal links stand up to repeated abuse.

To work better with small wheels and keep the ground clearance high, we designed Super Short to work with an 11-38T cassette. When you pair that with a 20” wheels, you get a gear low enough to scale mountains. Gearing feels easier on a smaller wheels. Pairing a 38T cog with a 20? wheel results in a low gear that feels like a 52T low cog on a 27.5” wheel bike.


ADVENT and Acolyte are popular for a reason, so we didn’t remove any features when we made them Super Short. 

  • Reliable chain retention
  • Metric hardware
  • Durable metal construction
  • Direct cable routing
  • Evenly spaced gears

Basically, you can ride the heck out of them and they won’t let you down. No matter how big you are.

Isn’t it time for every bike (and every rider) to have a drivetrain that doesn’t suck? Maybe you missed out when you were a kid, but it’s not too late for the next generation. Invest in the future, and check out Super Short wherever cool bike parts are sold.

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