Go Anywhere Fast - Rondo RATT 2022

The RONDO RATT combines the speed of a classic road bike with the all-road character of a modern gravel bike. As a result, the new model series in the RONDO range appeals to anyone wanting a sporty yet versatile ride for both on and off the road – thus ensuring no-holds-barred riding fun.

Road bike or gravel bike? Why not both without having to reach a compromise! Until now, the decision-making process has always been a journey of compromise: Go for a road bike and you miss out on the freedom and the riding experience offered by secluded gravel roads. In contrast, the gravel bike offers that ultimate off-road feeling, but you sacrifice the pure speed that makes classic road bikes so fascinating. The all-road bike category combines the best of both worlds: Speed and versatility – whatever the terrain.

With the RATT, the Polish specialist for innovative gravel and (off-)road bikes RONDO, now presents a model that raises the standard of all-road bikes to a new level through an engineering solution. A bike that does not need to hide in a duel with classic road bikes but can also compete with the best off-road. Fast, versatile, responsive and a top performer with much more comfort than on classic narrow tires. In short: the perfect partner for anyone who wants a sporty yet uninhibited riding experience on both tarmac and gravel. There’s a good reason why the RATT motto is "Go Anywhere Fast" – a bike that allows you to be fast no matter where.

“Low Trail” – a question of offset: same speed, wider tires.
RONDO engineers have made this possible by combining their years of expertise in road and gravel bikes into one bike. The sophisticated geometry of the RATT carbon frame combined with the wide 650B tires keeps the overall diameter of the wheels small. The larger contact area of the wider tires better withstands external forces, providing exceptional traction and stability with reduced rolling resistance without any detrimental effect on the speed. A specially designed fork with extended offset results in less trail at the front wheel and a steeper head tube angle. This cleverly compensates for the sluggishness of the wider tires. The result is the perfect mix of race-like high agility, a direct response and more riding comfort – narrower tires can also be used on the bike as an option. Ideal for those who do not want to miss the classic road bike position and razor-sharp reaction on steep climbs or in the final meters of a sprint. Switching to the LO position of RONDO's own variable TwinTip axle, decreases the offset making the trail longer, the head tube angle flatter and the bike more forgiving on uneven and off-road terrain. Changing between LO and HI position is possible in a few minutes – even mid-ride.

The change of Twin Tip from HI to LO changes the head tube angle by 0.5 degrees, and increases the trail by 10.22mm to 58.25mm making the bike more sporty thus launching the performance mode.

Passive suspension zones.
But it’s not just the wider tires that make for a smoother ride; the RATT’s specific frame design also provides added ride comfort – even when things get bumpy. The strategic positioning of various carbon fiber structures has created passive suspension zones at the dropout, the lower part of the seat tube and the rear part of the top tube, while the rest of the frame retains the required stiffness. To fulfill every aspect of versatility a hybrid bike should possess, the frame is equipped with a mount for a front mech. As a result, the bike can be fitted with a 2x groupset.

The RATT is available in two model variants: the CF1 and CF2, and its equipment further underlines the all-road capabilities of this new RONDO bike. The CF1 comes with a Shimano GRX RX800 groupset, RONDO X HUNT 650B wheels and Vittoria Terreno Zero tires with 47 millimeters in width. The CF2 is equipped with a Shimano GRX RX400 groupset and Rondo Lit wheels. An expansion of the new RATT family is planned for the 2023 season.

RATT CF1 : RRP £4299.99RATT CF2 : RRP £3399.99

Click Here to view both specification on the RATT CF1 and CF2

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