The Megawatt Carbon!

The Nukeproof Megawatt Carbon is the newest addition to Nukeproof’s race ready line of e-enduro bikes. Developed in tandem with the cutting-edge SRAM Eagle Powertrain, it’s a bike Nukeproof couldn’t be more proud of — the latest and greatest in eMTB technology wrapped in a carbon frame designed to wallop the nastiest trails on the planet.

Over the course of two years, the alloy version of the Nukeproof Megawatt was used as the test bed for SRAM’s first-of-its-kind Eagle Powertrain — an integrated eMTB ecosystem the meshes SRAM AXS components, the drive unit, and software into one cohesive package. The Nukeproof engineering team had a front-row seat to the development of the Powertrain, giving Nukeproof unique access to the budding forefront of e-bike tech. Nukeproof's role as a development partner gave Nukeproof engineers access to the SRAM system and allowed Nukeproof to give feedback as it was developed. In turn, Nukeproof got feedback on the Megawatt test bike SRAM and their athletes were using. The Megawatt Carbon is the product of this partnership; a new version of the race-ready e-enduro bike built from carbon and designed specifically to make the most of SRAM’s new system. Settled and stable yet playful and agile, the Megawatt has earned a reputation for surefootedness in terrain where most bikes fight for traction. Nukeproof didn’t want to lose those qualities, so the rear linkage and suspension kinematic has only been slightly tweaked from the alloy model to get the best from the suspension. Based on rider feedback, they’ve added new features such as storage under the motor cover for trailside essentials and improved internal cable routing, among other things. The result is a carbon e-enduro machine that handles like a bandit and is purpose-built for the new SRAM Eagle Powertrain. Welcome to the Megawatt Carbon, proudly designed and engineered in Northern Ireland.

Tell the story of yet another milestone, doing what has always been done at SRAM. Now, with Eagle Powertrain, they removed the compromises: front derailleur, wires, and derailleur hanger.

Eagle Powertrain is a completely holistic E-MTB system. It delivers groundbreaking functionality only made possible by the limitless potential of Eagle Transmission, Powertrain and our unique AXS technology. Instead of being all about feature count, Eagle Powertrain puts the focus on equipping riders with features that truly matter.

Full system integration
Proven AXS Technology unifying all components and software

Intuitive UX and familiar contact points

Auto & Coast Shift / Pedal Speed /

Range & Rally / AXS App

Up to 90Nm of torque

680W peak power

720Wh battery

Robust, full load shift, easy set-up, sustainable

The AXS smartphone app gives riders numerous simple and intuitive ways to personalize Eagle Powertrain and match their individual riding style. The app lets riders adjust and customize their Eagle Powertrain Pod Controllers, adjust Range and Rally support settings, personalize Auto Shift, view battery status, install firmware updates and receive system notifications. 


At Nukeproof, they've long believed the best way to develop our bikes is to put them to the test at the highest level. The new Megawatt Carbon was no different. SRAM’s Megawatt test bike was raced and developed through the 2022 E-Enduro World Series with the Nukeproof-SRAM Factory Racing team. It also earned a victory at the 2022 EWS-E100 in Tweed Valley under Nukeproof head-honcho Michael Cowan. Yannick Pontal from SRAM’s BlackBox Test Pilot Program also took the overall 2022 E-Enduro World Series title using SRAM Powertrain. From the rain-soaked mountains of Northern Ireland to the scorching heat of a Slovenian summer, the Megawatt Carbon has withstood thousands of miles of testing in less than ideal conditions — all to ensure performance and reliability.


As with all Nukeproof projects, the Megawatt Carbon started life on the pages of a sketch pad. Based around the Mega’s key linkage points, geometry, and design cues, it stays true to what they love about the Mega but incorporates lots of clever new features. An example of this is the Megawatt Carbon’s easily removable battery, a must-have feature for big days where battery swaps are essential. Instead of using a battery door in the downtube, which can add weight and compromise strength, Nukeproof tilted the motor so the 720Wh battery can slide out through the bottom of the downtube.

This protects the battery in a weathertight compartment while making it easily accessible for maintenance, swapping, and transport. Nukeproof is a little biased, but we also think the new frame design is quite easy on the eyes.

MEGAWATT CARBON RS - RRP GBR £9 999.99 | EURO €11 999.99

FRAMENukeproof Megawatt CarbonBREAKSSRAM Code RSC
FORKRockShox Zeb Ultimate 170mmSEATPOSTRockShox  Reverb AXS
SHOCKRockShox Vivid UltimateSADDLENukeproof Horizon Enduro
DRIVETRAIN  SRAM X0 TransmissionHANDLE BARS  Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon
CRANKSSRAM X0 160mmSTEMNukeproof Horizon 45mm
WHEELSNukeproof Horizon ProGRIPSNukeproof Sam Hill Signature
TYRESContinental Kryptotal Downhill   WEIGHT24kg

MEGAWATT CARBON PRO - RRP GBR £8 799.99 | EURO €10 499.99

FRAMENukeproof Megawatt CarbonBREAKSSRAM G2 RE
FORKRockShox Zeb Select+SEATPOSTRockShox  Reverb AXS
SHOCKRockShox Vivid Select+SADDLENukeproof Horizon Enduro
DRIVETRAIN  SRAM GX TransmissionHANDLE BARS  Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon
CRANKSSRAM GX 160mmSTEMNukeproof Horizon 45mm
WHEELSNukeproof Horizon V2GRIPSNukeproof Sam Hill Signature
TYRESContinental Kryptotal Downhill   WEIGHT24.3kg

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