Leatt assist with the cost of a new helmet


Sometimes an accident or impact is severe enough to damage your helmet to the extent that it may need to be replaced. This would occur when any of the safety features (such as the impact liner, 360° Turbine Technology, or the helmet shell) are compromised and the helmet is no longer able to function as designed. For your safety, it is essential that you don't continue to use a damaged helmet.

To assist with the cost of a new helmet, Leatt has established a helmet replacement program. If your helmet suffers any damage that means it cannot work as it should, our global Leatt Helmet Replacement Support partners will offer you a brand new Leatt helmet at 40% discount on the recommended retail price listed in your country + shipping cost. The replacement helmet will be the same model as yours or, if this model is no longer available, the closest equivalent helmet or a better one will be offered.

To qualify for helmet replacement support:

• The damage to your helmet must be related to a crash (as opposed to improper handling or misuse)

• Your helmet was purchased no longer than 3 years before the date of submission

• You present a copy of your purchase receipt, images of the damaged helmet, and detailed information about the crash

Please note that all of the above requirements must be met to qualify for helmet replacement support.

For a replacement request, please fill in the submission form (Link at the bottom of this page) and our Leatt Helmet Replacement Support partner in your country will help you with highest priority.

Please provide:

  • The helmet model, color, and size
  • Pictures of the damaged helmet
  • Picture of your purchase receipt
  • Picture of the PO sticker inside the helmet containing a 6 digit number
  • Picture of the strap cut on the helmet so it cannot be reused for safety reasons
  • Explanation of the crash
  • Your name, physical address, contact number, and e-mail address
  • Undertaking that you will throw away your damaged helmet


Once this has been done, our Leatt Helmet Replacement Support partner will be in touch to validate your claim and replace your damaged helmet for a safer ride!    

Remember, re-selling or gifting a damaged helmet is not allowed. Allowing others to wear a helmet that you know is unfit for use could subject you to legal liability.

Note: By participating in the program you agree that your contact information will be stored and used for communication and promotional offers in line with our Privacy Policy

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