WTB Wafel Clamp-On Grips

Code: 102995713

The solid WTB Wafel Clamp-On Grips are ideal for mountain bike (MTB) use as they offer large blocks of conforming rubber which cover their entire surface. As a result, you'll enjoy a more reliable hold on your adventures.

## **WTB Wafel Clamp-On Bar Grip** Enjoy comfortable, reliable grip when tackling mountain bike trails, thanks to these Clamp-On Bat Grip from WTB. Made from durable rubber and featuring a rubber block pattern for a dependable hold, they are the ideal choice for off-road exploring.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Use: Mountain Bike (MTB)
  • Length: 130mm
  • Single or Pair: Pair
  • Size: 130x30mm
  • Weight: 70g (approx.)

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